Savannagh Lillico

With a degree in Literature, a background in interior design, and a cultivated sense of spirituality, Savannagh Lillico draws inspiration from diverse sources that inform her work.

Lillico imbues her canvases with the depth, curiosity, and complexity of her mind, which she considers a part of the collective. Her art offers a glimpse into a world that embraces both chaos and darkness, but also radiates light, beauty, and wisdom. For those who approach her work with an open heart, Lillico’s art reveals magic.

For Lillico, art and creativity are a blazing fire that ignites her life. Her work explores and portrays the inherent feelings and emotions that all humans share, whether they stem from a place of light, such as love and joy, or a place of darkness, such as sadness and confusion.

As an artist and designer, Lillico feels a sense of urgency to create something new and provocative. Her work aims to create a sensory experience that is soothing or dramatic, depending on the concept, architecture, and goals that she seeks to achieve. She experiments with colors, materials, forms, and textures, which together create a reaction or evoke different emotions in those who view her work.