Cynthia Kahn

Cynthia Kahn’s journey in the world of art has been a lifelong endeavor. From her unconventional path as a business major in college who stood out in Advanced Drawing classes, to her continued pursuit of artistic excellence post-graduation, Cynthia’s commitment to the craft is unwavering. When she moved to Portland, Oregon, she expanded her skills and knowledge through classes at the Multnomah Art Center.

Cynthia’s artistic passions are diverse, encompassing traditional oil and acrylic painting as well as ventures into unconventional mediums like fabric, drywall

sculpture, and non-traditional mixed media. Her dedication to her craft is evident in her willingness to seek inspiration in everyday places, including trips to Lowe’s and Home Depot to gather supplies for her next project.

Formerly residing in the Pacific Northwest, Cynthia Kahn’s work was a regular feature at art shows throughout the region, a testament to her talent and dedication. Now, she’s found her artistic home in Austin, where she has become an active and influential member of the vibrant local art scene.

Cynthia Kahn’s artistic journey is a testament to her determination and unique approach to art, reflecting her ability to transform unconventional beginnings into a thriving career in the world of art.