Nino Magaña

Born in Guadalajara, México in 1970, Nino Magaña is one of 10 brothers. He began painting at the age of 8, and enjoyed it, but never thought it would lead to a life as a professional artist.

At age 15, his life changed on a visit to the Instituto Cultural Cabanas, when he stood in front of a Jorge González Camarena painting entitled “El Abrazo” (The Hug). 

After completing 3 years of his Art degree, Nino left school to work as a commercial painter, which helped him develop his skill and discipline and gave him the income needed to explore and develop his own style. He would go on to paint murals in Mexico, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. After winning his first award at the Salon Octubre in 1990, he had the confidence to freely express his passion for art. In 2008, Nino found time to return to University to complete his education and, in addition to obtaining his Masters Degree in art, also earned a degree in music, attests to his commitment to the dissemination and promotion of culture. Aside from painting, Nino loves to spend time with his wife and two children, who are a great support to him, as the life of an artist has many ups and downs. He is not only disciplined as an artist, but also in his personal diet and in his Hindu practices. His other passions are cooking in the kitchen with his wife, playing the piano and guitar. Nino’s works have been very well received by collectors.