Steven Lavaggi

Steven Lavaggi, the Artist of Hope, has dedicated over 50 years to creating art that conveys transcendent aspects of God, Life, Eternity, and the battle between Light and Darkness. With a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Tennessee, Lavaggi’s work inspires faith, hope, and love.

His creative process serves as portals for viewers to explore their hearts and souls, offering a “Glimpse of Glory.” Inspiration is drawn from ancient texts, prayer, meditation, worship, and music, with love being his greatest muse.

Lavaggi primarily works with canvas, using acrylic and oil paints. He also crafts bronze Angels and inspirational jewelry that spreads messages of faith, hope, and love. His art is available for sale in the Dali Museum, and he had the honor of visiting Salvador Dali in 1979.

Notably, Lavaggi’s involvement with families who lost loved ones in the 9/11 attacks left a lasting impact. He presented bronze Angel figurines to Governor George Pataki and his Angel of Reconciliation Necklace was featured in the Smithsonian’s 9/11 Exhibit.

Lavaggi’s art touches hearts and souls worldwide with messages of faith, hope, and love, providing a glimpse into the transcendent and inspiring viewers to explore the depths of their humanity.